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Historic Grizzly 1.41

Grizzly in this version has been started  in the 80s. The engine it self was first programmed on an Amiga 1000 and then taken many years later for the PC version.

It is not strong and will not be made any stronger because the code is to old an made from differnet programming styles learned over the years. Also the smaller data types on the older computers made the program slower as it could be.

Instead refactoring version 1.41 I started Version 2.x which is even weaker as the older version.


  • Supporting Winboard protocol version 1 & 2grizzlytm
  • Transposition Table and Pawn Hash Table
  • Small opening book with about 1500 positions
  • Null Move Heuristik
  • Supporting all fide chess rules
  • Using Letterbox board representation

Downloads:  Version 1.41 Version 1.40 –  Version 1.31  – Version 1.30 Version 1.25Version 1.00

Actual Grizzly Version 2.xx

The new Grizzly Version was started to get a new clean code with all features supported by Arena and other graphic frontends. This version also supports UCI protocol and of course still Winboard 1 & 2.

The engine is release but it is not very strong. The first goal is to reach compatibility to alle the features.


  • Supporting UCI and Winboard protocolsgrizzlyblk
  • Transposition Table & pawn hash
  • Null Move Heuristik
  • Extensions for check, capture, promotion, …
  • Futility prunig
  • 0x88 Board representation
  • Supporting all fide chess rules
  • Small opening book
  • EPG, FEN Test Mode support from within Arena

Downloads: Version 2.08Version 2.07



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